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Golden Dwarf Moray (Gymnothorax melatremus)
Regular price: $225.00
Sale price: $165.00
Chevron Tang Juvenile (Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis)
Regular price: $199.99
Sale price: $149.99
Yellow Tang (Zebrasoma flavescens)
Regular price: $39.99
Sale price: $25.00
Moorish Idol (Zanclus cornutus)
Regular price: $69.99
Sale price: $49.99

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ZoaCollector presents you with a wide variety of colorful zoanthids and palys.

You won't find some of our collection anywhere else in the world as we discovered most of these ourselves in the remote islands of Hawaii and we are the only ones captive propagating them.

ZoaCollector is a fully licensed dealer of marine aquatics.

We strive to bring you quality livestock as well as great customer service. We hope you can't get enough of the eye candy that we will bring! Keep checking back for new updates and arrivals! Happy Reefing!!

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